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Getting Started With The ESP8266 WIFI Microcontroller

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2015-03-22 04:33:46
steves wrote:
Hello Ben, I can't answer regarding the similiarities with ARM as I have little to do with either architecture. Espressif's SDK does include the lwip.a library, so persumably their TCP/IP API wrappers this. You might consider the FreeRTOS port to ESP8266; it gives a more Unix-like API. Re the Aurdino - there is a open source project called 'Absolutely Transparent TCP/IP to Serial Bridge' which allows for just this. Cheers, Steve. PS I need to allow for fomatting in the comments!
2015-03-22 00:35:25
Ben wrote:
I've been meaning to get one of these chips to play with! I'd like to do webserver (or ftp server) that can be used for updating the programming file of an arduino! In general once you have the compiler/toolchain setup (or download a virtual machine image), can you flash a small tcp/ip stack (ex. uip or lwip) onto the chip for a totally custom internet solution? Or is the idea that Espressif's library has a tcp/ip stack that can do it all, and so no tcp/ip programming is required? I've used ARMs in the past, is the architecture of the 80Mhz Tensilica Xtensa 32bit processor remotely similar to an ARM? Either in the architecture ARM7,8 etc, or in the instruction set ARM7v6, v7-M?
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