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SeƱor, personalmente lo comprobe con MMANA-GAL para 460.370 y los resultados fueron buenos, espero los resultados del analizador de antenas para detallar sus logros,,aunque vi en la red una antena similar pero para 1090 llamada antena ADS con grandes alcances.
Re: The Hangtenna - Centre Fed Collinear For 70cm UHF.
June 17, 2024 07:50PM
It seems like you're interested in learning about antennas used in amateur radio operations. The "Hangtenna - Centre Fed Collinear for 70cm UHF" is another interesting antenna option commonly used by amateur radio enthusiasts, particularly for the 70-centimeter band (430-450 MHz). Here's a breakdown of its features and characteristics:

Hangtenna - Centre Fed Collinear Antenna
Band Coverage: Typically designed to cover the 70-centimeter UHF band (430-450 MHz), which is widely used in amateur radio for local communications, satellite work, and repeater systems.

Design: The Hangtenna is a type of collinear antenna where multiple elements are stacked vertically and phased to enhance the antenna's gain and directivity. It's often center-fed, meaning the feedline connects at the center of the antenna structure.

Performance: Offers improved gain over a standard vertical dipole antenna, making it suitable for applications where increased signal strength and range are desired. Its collinear design helps in achieving a more focused radiation pattern.

Application: Commonly used by amateur radio operators for base stations and fixed installations where a directional antenna with higher gain is advantageous. It can also be adapted for portable setups depending on its construction and mounting options.

Installation and Considerations
Mounting: Ideally mounted in a clear, elevated position to minimize obstructions and maximize line-of-sight coverage. Proper grounding and weatherproofing are essential for outdoor installations to ensure longevity and safety.

Feedline: Compatible with standard coaxial cables (e.g., RG-58, RG-213) used in amateur radio setups. Ensuring low-loss connections between the antenna and radio equipment is crucial for optimal performance.

Gain and Directivity: Provides directional gain, which focuses radiation in specific directions. This can be beneficial for targeting specific areas or distant repeaters, depending on the antenna's height and orientation.

The Hangtenna - Centre Fed Collinear antenna for 70cm UHF offers enhanced performance compared to simpler antennas like dipoles or omni-directional types. Its design optimizes gain and directivity, making it a popular choice among amateur radio operators looking to improve their communication range and reliability on the 70cm band.

If you have more specific questions about this antenna or any other aspects of amateur radio, feel free to ask!

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