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It also works on Banana Pi Thanks!
great information provided! I tried using this binary however my lcd just illuminates but no text appears. The link below shows the steps I have taken to troubleshoot. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. []
Hi, is your code somewhere in source control? (GitHub ...) Cheers, Antony
I just wanted to say thank you for your work. This was a fantastic article and the lcdi2c worked first time out the box. Most appreciated.
I tried your lcdi2c program on a i2C LCD display module which I bought from [] No text display on the module.
Hi! Is it possible to define custom character with in LCDI2C.C? I need some special ones: éáöüóőúűí. I know the bytes which describe these characters, but I do not know how can I send them to the device. THANK YOU! The bests!
Hi! Thanks a lot for your utility! It perfectly works with my LCD102. But I would also like it to make work on LCD2004. Do you know what should I change in code?
Hey! Just tried it on LCD2004 Backpack Module. And it seems as the options: -r 4 -c 20 don't work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance..
Hi! Great job! Thanks a lot for utility. But -s option as well as support of LCD2004 don't work. Meaning, cursor always blinks and there's no way to write text on 3-rd and 4-th row. It works as 1602.
Thanks! Works fine. Other than the -s option. Cursor blinks whatever you use: 0, 1 or 3
Hello! Is it allowed to use the source (or parts of it) in an own project, that might be become commercial later? Regards, Andreas
Hi i use Your code in my open project, work like a charm grinning smiley thanks

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