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Daniel Acevedo
Re: ZOI Flowerpot Antenna For 2m And 70cm
December 12, 2018 02:31PM
Hey, that is an awesome build. What are the exact lengths of the actual antenna?
Re: ZOI Flowerpot Antenna For 2m And 70cm
December 12, 2018 02:32PM
Hi, I am glad to hear you got a really low SWR. Can you tell me the lengths of the antenna? How long was the stripped version and so on.... 73's
Re: ZOI Flowerpot Antenna For 2m And 70cm
June 17, 2024 07:45PM
It seems like you're asking about a "ZOI Flowerpot Antenna" for 2m and 70cm bands, commonly used in amateur radio (ham radio) operations. The Flowerpot antenna is known for its compact design and efficient performance, making it popular among amateur radio enthusiasts, especially for those who need a discreet yet effective antenna solution.

Features and Characteristics:
Band Coverage: The ZOI Flowerpot Antenna typically covers the 2-meter (144-148 MHz) and 70-centimeter (430-450 MHz) bands, which are widely used in amateur radio for local communications and repeater access.

Design: It features a vertical radiator with a coil or matching network at its base, often mounted on a non-conductive support structure like a fiberglass or PVC pole. This design is relatively simple and can be constructed or purchased commercially.

Performance: The Flowerpot antenna is designed to be omnidirectional, meaning it radiates and receives signals equally well in all directions around its axis. This makes it suitable for general amateur radio communications where a compact, efficient antenna is desired.

Application: It's commonly used by amateur radio operators who need a low-profile antenna suitable for both base station and portable operations. Its compact size and omnidirectional characteristics make it versatile for various setups and locations.

Installation and Considerations:
Mounting: Ensure the antenna is mounted in an area free from obstructions and ideally elevated for better radiation efficiency. Proper grounding and lightning protection measures are also recommended for outdoor installations.

Matching: Depending on the specific model or design, the antenna may require a matching network or tuning to ensure optimal performance and low SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) across the desired frequency bands.

Compatibility: Verify compatibility with your radio equipment, particularly the connector type (e.g., PL-259, SMA) and the transmission line (coaxial cable) characteristics to minimize signal losses.

In conclusion, the ZOI Flowerpot Antenna is a practical choice for amateur radio operators needing a compact and effective antenna solution for 2m and 70cm bands. Its omnidirectional pattern and ease of installation make it suitable for various amateur radio applications, offering reliable performance for local communications and repeater access.

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