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Electronic Modules

These ready made modules are available at price cheaper than the individual components and save the time that would otherwise be required for assembly. They are perfect for use in all types of projects.

USBasp - USB Programmer for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

This is an open source programming adapter for AVR microcontrollers designed by Thomas Fischl that is supported by the popular AVRDUDE software on both Linux and Windows. You can build your own or purchase a cheap ready made module.

AD9850 Direct Digital Synthesis Modules

Notes and pinouts for the modules and notes and things to watch out for when using them. Beware that some boards are supplied with an unsuitable clock module.

HD44789 LCD Modules

Most commonly these are 16 character by 2 line displays, but are also available with 20 characters and from 1 to 4 lines. They come in a variety of colours.

MAX3232 TTL to RS232 Serial Adapters

These modules convert form the RS232 12 volt levels to 5v or 3.3v levels as used by microcontrollers.

i2c Driver for LCD Modules

These adapters fit into the back of a standard 1602 LCD module and allow it to be controlled via i2c.

Two Digit, Seven Segment LED Display

Available in a variety of sizes and colour, these come in either common-anode or common-cathode format. The individual segments are wired together and there is an cathode(anode) pin for each digit.

USB to RS232 and TTL UART Adapters

These adapters allow PCs that are not equipped with a serial port to communicate with RS232 and TTL UART level devices.

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