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Reference Information

Reference information and data.


Pinout and connector data.

AVR ISP Pinout

Information on the In System Programming interface for AVR microcontrollers which uses IDC 6-pin or 10-pin header.

DB-9 Connector Pinout

Information on the DB-9 (officially know as DE-9) connector which is commonly used for RS232 serial ports. Pictures, pinout diagrams and pin descriptions.


Documentation, examples and guides for telecnatron-developed software. The software itself is hosted on GitHub and, unless otherwise specified, it is available under the Telecnatron Version 1.0 freeware/donationware license.

avr_lib C Library For AVR MCUs

C Library for AVR GCC compiler. Developed on ATmega328/168/88/8 devices. Also useful for ATtiny2313 and other ATtinies.

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