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Author: Stephen Stebbing

VK Repeaters

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All 10m 6m 2m 70cm 23cm

About VK Repeater Map

Repeater Data

Data Sources

  • The repeater callsigns, frequencies, ctcss and other details are obtained from the CSV file provided by the WIA as linked from this page here.
  • The repeater-site location and address information is obtained from the ACMA register online query service via callsign, licence and site lookups.

Data Integrity.

  • The map data is current as of 2013/12/02. It will be updated as and when new CSV files are made available.
  • Please be advised that some repeaters may be listed that do not physically exist or are not in operation. This is due to the callsign being listed in the WIA CSV file and having a valid ACMA license and site assignment.
  • All additions, omissions and amendments to the repeater data should be reported to the WIA via the email address they provide on this page here.

Comments, Suggestions and Questions.

  • We intend to continue to improve and update this application, and would like to hear from you with comments, suggestions, questions, bug reports or any other feedback. Please follow the link to contact us.
  • Please see this article here for some further notes and discussion regarding the application.
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